New Limited Edition Soap - Raspberry Sangria

Yes, I am completely aware that I promised this post for Thursday. Do not blame me, really Vida is the one to blame. She sent me this hilarious book a couple of weeks ago, so after I finished with Kurkov, I really needed some uplifting read. So I begun reading Where'd you go, Bernadette. I have rarely read a book that is so much fun, yet one cannot simply dismiss it as a light read.

That was on Tuesday evening. After that, I found myself completely and utterly incapable of doing almost anything else but reading. This is some seriously good stuff folks, you got to get this book. Now!

So now you know how I used my carefully scheduled time for writing this post last Thursday. Now let's get back to the soap.

Raspberry Sangria
I haven't post anything in English here for a while because I got a bit overwhelmed with professional literature and finishing my thesis at last. I desperately needed some language-detox. Now, onto the soap, finally. And a completely new one as a matter of fact.

I have never made soap with a similar fragrance before. It is supper bubbly so I decided to add some fresh, sun-ripened raspberry FO to make it even more interesting. I have envisioned a slightly different design, but the mixture almost seized on me so I had to work super fast. I have to admit here, this one is a totally girly soap. I even topped it with a dash of fine gold glitter.

Don't get me wrong, the fragrance is not sickly sweet or in any other way unpleasant and/or harsh. Quite the contrary. It's kind of sparkly, refreshing, uplifting but at the same time delicate and dare I say, sophisticated. No age limit for this one, that is for sure.

When I work with a new fragrance, I do not like to experiment with the base oils, so you will find a lot of the usual skin loving oils & nourishing butters. Despite the global olive oil shortage, I still keep all my formulas rich in this gorgeous ingredient, so If you get one of SenMi soaps, be rest assured that you'll be enjoying some seriously amazing natural stuff.

This one is a limited edition soap, but I might keep it in the permanent line. That is up to you guys, if you like it, I will make some more.
We have a handmade market in a couple of weeks, so we'll see how this will go. Last year I made Crispy Clean and intended it to be a LE summer soap, but everyone who tried it went ga-ga, so now I make it all year round.

I have to admit that personally I never tried raspberry sangria, but somehow I imagine that it would smell just like this soap, hence the name. I did have couple of more runner ups, but finally decided to leave it like this. It's fun, it's bubbly, girly & summery and I like it just like that. Hmm, personal note to myself - definitely make some raspberry sangria for soap presentation at the market. Not a bad idea. I will give you a little secret here. You will be seeing more of beverage inspired soaps her until the end of the year. Do not ask me why, but suddenly I am getting all these funky ideas. Maybe it's because generally I like to experiment with refreshing drinks in the summer. Speaking of the topic, I will have some more time in July, so expect some fun & easy recipes here!

Together withe recipes, there will be some completely new products and DIY posts, so stay tuned.
I am also thinking about some fall-winter fragrances, so if you have some favorites, please leave a comment here. I really like to hear what you guys like, otherwise it can feel sometimes like I am doing everything just for myself which is definitely not the case. Even if I would want to, I cannot use up all the products alone. As you already know, I also enjoy using other people's soap and I have participated in a small European soap swap recently, so there will be a post about that soon. I still have the same old problem of having too many ideas and too less time, so although I am getting some new non-soap related project, be rest assured that this blog will keep on living until my bubbly obsession ceases, which I cannot even imagine ever to happen. ;)