International Birthday Giveaway! CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.

The international community of SenMi blog readers has grown quite a lot since the Soap Travel project and that fact has given me a lot of joy, so as a part of my New Year resolutions, I decided to continue blogging occasionally in English. It is my wish to thank all of you who are here for long or short time, or just drop by for a quick look - that is to say, to all of you fabulous people who are reading my soapy adventures.
The letters and interactions with other soapers are one of the best things that this blog has brought to me since I first started writing.

I believe that there is no better opportunity to thank you all than to organize an international celebration giveaway. And there cannot be a better occasion than SenMi 2nd birthday. In the festive spirit, I decided to organize an international giveaway of three of my products:

1 bar of Milky Way soap in new design
1 bag of Lavander Milk Bath
1 pot of Passion Fruit Rose Vegan Lip Balm

The goodies...
(Sorry for the photo we cannot seem to get any sun for days here..)

So people, it does not matter where on this planet you live, you are all entitled to participate.

How to enter this giveaway?
  1. Subscribe to SenMi blog via Google or Twitter Connect (this doesn't apply for people that are already subscribers)
  2. Leave your comment in the form below and tell me what SenMi creation from 2011 you think is the most interesting and why (it doesn't have to be a long description, and you don't have to worry about your literary skills)
  3. Tweet and/or blog about this giveaway at least once and put a return link to your post

That's it! quite simple, wouldn't you say?

The giveaway opens today and closes on Sunday, March 18 at 8 pm Thursday, March 22 * (central European time). Automatic number generating system will select the winner by random selection of comments.

On Monday 10 am I will be announcing the winner here. After that, the winner should contact me on email with shipping address details.

I am really looking forward to see all your comments!
* I decided to extend the deadline for giveaway entrance till Thursday - one week from publishing. People, I know thsat you are reading the post, please comment, in Serbian or English. :)

11 коментара

  1. Hi, I'm a follower of your blog since I found you in Julia's Soap Travels, and I'm a part of Soap Travel too ;)
    I'm always interested other soaper's soap, espacially beautiful soaps like yours. and I like your ideas of various designs!

  2. Hi Ksenija. Nice to see your English post:).
    First of all, Happy birthday to your blog ! I wish you and your blog a lot of nice visitors and customers. Even if I have never tried your soaps, I really like them as they are very nice presented, the colours you are using are various and I am sure your soaps are a delight for the skin.

  3. Hi Xenia,
    happy birthday to SenMi, wish u even more successful years to come!
    It's pretty hard to choose only one of ur soaps,and even harder without trying any. But,ever since I've seen it,the Foxy Lady became my favorite. Without any doubt about all ur soaps ingredients quality, I choose this one for it's adorable look and three- layers composition,and I wish I could enjoy it's smell,texture,foam,melting colours... The shea butter provides nourishing,so the feeling on the body must be complete after using it.
    Anyway, I will envy anyone who will have an opportunity to get ur b-day presents, he/she could write back here what the sensation was after trying all of them.

    Keep in touch and take care!

    1. StanojevicMaja SenMi - zanatska radionica prirodnih sapuna: Birthday Giveaway!

  4. Hi Ksenija,
    First of all, happy SenMi birthday! I wish you to continue with this blog in the same manner and, of course, a lot of new soap creations this year.
    The answer to your question is not easy for me since I was lucky and tried several 2011 SenMi soaps. How to define which of them is more interesting for me when I like them all? “Energy”, with hidden and efficient exfoliates particles, is so unexpected and extraordinary bath experience. “Fresh Bamboo” has a scent which helps overcoming this winter and coldness. However, the most interesting for me was “All Natural” soap. This is really unusual creation, in comparison to other SenMi soaps, but it attracted me since I saw it posted on the blog. Later, when I had a chance to use it, it was confirmed that I was right! I use it exclusively as a face soap and it has high cleaning efficiency (good for make-up removal including mascara) but on the other hand provides good conditioning of the skin. Definitely worth trying!
    I also like SenMi soap packaging design: it looks great.
    Best regards and happy soaping!

  5. GFC:Anibani
    tweet link:!/Anibaniii/status/181039439953395712

    najvise mi se svidja piling-masazer sa shea buterom. oduvek sam zelela da probam takve stvarcice :) odusevljava me sto sve pravis sama i sto koristis prirodne sastojke, prosto ja pozelim da napravim sama kuci sapun :) takodje mi se svidja jer sve izgleda beskrajno mirisno i sto je najgore... jestivo :D ne znam da li bih mogla da se suzdrzim a da ne pojedem neki od proizvoda :D

    samo nastavi tako! nadam se da cu probati tvoje proizvode uskoro :)

  6. gfc: mojemakaze
    Najvise mi se svidja Brown sugar & Peach cupcakes, jer pretpostavljam da mirise bozanstveno, a i izgleda tako da bi ga rado pojela :))

  7. gfc: Melita Jagodić
    twitter: @tomel611!/tomel611/status/181442584055513088

    najviše mi se svidio brown sugar&peach cupcakes, voljela bih probati, izgleda super!

  8. Hi! Happy birthday to your blog! :) I wish to your blog a lot of visitors,and customers of course :) I always like beatuiful soaps wich smell nice and who is delight for the skin.
    I'm sorry if my english is bad :/

    gfc name: dunja_vk

    link from twitter:!/dunjavk/status/181732841007235073

  9. Najviše mi se sviđa piling sa shea maslacom.Obožavam pilinge jer osjećam kako s mene ispire sve loše što mi je tijekom tjedna dogodilo i priprema me za nove radne pobijede! A ako je još sve prirodno, bez nepotrebne suvišne kemije, još bolje!

  10. Hello,
    Joined your blog today, I want in on the international giveaway!!
    So now I will leave a post on you in my blog.
    In the post I will tell the best design of your soap.
    So, I have to go lots to do haha.....