Soaps From Canada!

I have said few times before, but it won't hurt if I repeat myself - one of the best things in blogging is connecting with fellow soapers around the globe. I am such a horrible soap junkie, that regardless the fact that I make my own soap and have supplies for until the end of 2089, I love getting my hands on other people soap too. I love soap swaps! But, not swaps just for the sake of it, but I truly and honestly enjoy sharing the love for the soapmaking craft and enjoying superior products. That is why I am also quite picky myself when it comes to suggesting and accepting swaps with other soapmakers. I like to support handcraft, but there is only a limited number of soap artist in whom work I am so interested that no postage fee will ever stop me getting my hands on their creations. Having said that, I was so happy when Cee Gee suggested we do a swap of our soaps! I've been introduced to Cees' blog via my soapy friends Maja and Goca, and ever since June, I am regularly following her blog.

She has this amazing variety of soaps, and and an endless supply of new design ideas. Furthermore, I am also always very intrigued with different ingredients she always experiments with in her soaps, so when she asked me what soaps would I like to sample, the choice was tough indeed. I did make a preliminary list, but I had confidence that whatever she sends, there's going to definitely more than one thing that I will like.
It took some time for my parcel to arrive, but boy oh boy, was it worth it!
Here is a look of all the lovely goodies I got from Cee.

Selection of Oil&Butter Soaps
In spite of such a long way, all of them reached my house safe and sound. Just look at all these lovelies  I love getting post, it makes me feel cozy in this virtual era of instant photos and emails.

I wish I could shower 9 times per day so that I can use up all these lovelies in faster pace. I've tried so far 4 soaps: Banana Milk, Mango Butter, Sandalwood and Carrot Buttermilk. I am so in love with Carrot, words cannot describe it! I have never tried buttermilk soap, and the overall formula is so luscious that my skin really loves me for using it. So, as you can see, it is difficult for me to move on to the next soap, so I was even thinking to make a sort of a bathroom shower schedule.

And a special treat - this is a soap mug she made from a mold she made herself. Check out her post on 'how to make your own soap mold'. Seriously, people, how cute is this?!

Soap Mug
Cee was so generous that I just have not the faintest idea how and when will I be able to use up all of them!
I promise I will post here follow-ups and more impressions as I get to try more soaps. Until then, I urge you all to drop by Cee's blog and check out what's cooking in her soap workshop.

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  1. Isn't she amazing? And she showed again how generous she is!
    Yes, the best thing about soaping is that you can never be alone- just sneak into that world and you will find not only marvelous handcrafted goodies, but wonderful people standing behind them.
    Oh, envy you for having all these beauties!

  2. I am so flattered by all your kind words Ksenija, I can hardly believe you are describing my soaps and my blog! I'm so happy that you agreed to exchange soaps with me, I have been enjoying your soaps so much too! And, I totally agree...definitely the best part of blogging is the chance to connect with other soapers from around the world! =)

    1. Cee as I said, I wouldn't accept to do a swap with anyone, so it's not flattering I am just being honest. :)And I promise that I'll make it up to you for receiving such a poor parcel from me soon!

  3. What adorable pile of soaps! Cee always uses so attractive ingredients which never stop inspiring me. This sandalwood soap sounds so attracting. I am sure that you really enjoy!

  4. Presladak je onaj u obliku šoljice. Zanima me kako doći do tvojih sapuna. Voljela bih probati. :-) Podrav!

    1. Dobrodošla na blog! Ne živim u Srbiji, tako da je sapune moguće naručiti samo kad dolazim. Uvek objavim par nedelja unapred na blogu. Zanimljiv ti je blog, sad sam baš malo svratila :)

    2. Hvala. :-) Onda jedva čekam kada budeš dolazila da poručim koji.
      Veliki pozdrav!

  5. Nice to see Cee's creation on your blog, Ksenija! You are so lucky :)
    So far, I am in love with Mango Butter soap, but I am sure that all her soaps are gorgeous, as Cee is!
    You can see the passion in her soaps, don't you?

  6. Oh my goodness, I am just blushing with all of your kinds words everyone! I truly feel honored to have gotten know all of you talented and supportive soapmakers these past few months! And Ksenija, please do not feel bad! The amount you sent was perfect...I am getting to try such a nice variety! I've almost used up Sweet Love...wonderful creamy lather and I love the fragrance!