Soap Travel in the Netherlands

After two looong weeks, the soap package finally came to my doorstep on Tuesday night. I was almost at the end of my nervs, cursing all the post offices and holidays of the world! Yes, I know, I am addicted to soap. Severe case. :)

Joanna from The Soap Bar and Product Body was the first to get the package from Cocobong. After reading the Joanna's post, I was completely puzzled about what of her soaps she will send. I have been drolling over her soaps ever since I started this soaping obsession, ehm, pardon - hobby. Knowing that in the package will arrive Mianra and one of Cocobong's very own soaps, I was already tossing & turning for days what would be the possible pro&cons for every bar, so that I can make my choice easier. Well, that simply did not work. You cannot really find anything that would say NO to these bars.  Here's how the treasure box looked when we opened it.

I do not know would I be happier receiving a million Euro check than when I opened this package last night. My appologies to the readers about the photos. I tried to do my best with the lightning in the house, cause I really hate to use flash. I believe that it does not do the justice to the natural glow of these hancrafted beauties.
I did not want to damage the soaps trying to unpack them just for a to take a photo, although I was diying to open Julias PURE soap. A glance on her photo gallery you can find here.
It was a tough decision to make a definite choice. There is no chance in heaven that you can make a fair choice between these three soaps. So, I was sniffing, looking, touching, for about half an hour. Then I called for help. Well, with a help of my boyfriend, we made our final decesion - we kept Lemon Scone soap from Product Body.

My top 3 arguments were:
  • I need to try the soap from the woman who practically invented the soaping blogosphere
  • The guilty soap smells just like my favourite lemon cheescake
  • It contains oatmeal, an ingredient that I have been obsessed with lately

 You can see my neglected music scores in the background. I am managing to memorize few lines of Susanna in between making, blogging, reading, researching about soap. ;)

A close shot on Lemon Scone ingredient list...

The revealed beauty on my fav soap dish..
The next big dilema was: which one from my own soaps should I send? Finally, I decided to send on my favorite soap from 2011 - Green Dew. It was my personal favorite top formulation that was available in a limited edition. I only made 6 bars and did not repeat the formula. I kept one for a special occassion. Well, it can hardly get more special than this!

I hurried to the post office today to sen off the soap package back on its world tour. I hope it will get safe & sound to the next recepient and as usual, cannot wait to hear the news!

P.S. If you are new to the Soap Travel project, please read the Cocobongs´ initiative blog post here. This is my second post concerning the project. If you are curious, the first part you will find here.

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  1. Thank you for your pleasant report - I enjoyed reading it! And I'm now even more excited about this project. Can't wait the next report...

  2. Grate! I hardly wait to see who will pick and review SenMi soap!

  3. great post, thank you for sharing your excitement with us :) passed up two great soaps ;), for another great soap :) Alas, scent is always the seductive factor..still is, always will be

  4. Thanks Emily! @Annette, I am also curious about the next recepients' post! @Gordana,i ja jedva cekam! @Cocobong, it was SO hard to pick! Finally, I decided just to use the soap right away to deny myself of any possibility to change my mind later. :D

  5. I am so honored that you chose my soap! Squueeeeee! :O)

    Let me know how you like it after a few showers. I am eager!

    Much respect,

  6. @Hi Joanna! I am so glad that you drop by on my blog! I'll get back to you my impressions of course!