Soap Travel Project

This is going to be my first post in English. Those of you who regularly follow SenMi blog know that ever since the beginning I decided to blog in Serbian (cyrillic) cause I believe that there are far too many great soap blogs in English and that we really missed a good soap blog in Serbian. And being away from home, I like to amuse myself by writting in Cyrillic. Somehow I feel it links me to my homeland. Anyway, the reason I decided to post in English this time is bigger than my little blog. It is international. Huge! Lovely Julia from now almost iconic Cocobong Soap Blog has invented and started a very unique, world wide project starring handmade soaps. 

What is all this about you wonder? 

I have been a passionate soaper for almost two years now, but my interest in handmade soap begun much earlier. In the past three or so years, I have found out that the international soap community is an unbelievingly friendly and supportive. I was impressed with the exchange of ideas and experiences and that was one more reason that made me concieve and realize SenMi blog. It was a joy and priviledge to be around all those great artisans.
Julia at Cocobong Soap is an artisan, a soapmaker and an esteemed soap reviewer. Her oppinion is highly regarded within the WWW soap community and she gets dozens of soaps for her reviews. Since I am still a hobbyist, I did not dare yet to align myself with all those great names such as Naiad, Badeanstalten, FuturePrimitive and so on, although I have been experimenting with many recipes that I belive will hold up to Julia''s high standards. But that adventure of SenMi is yet to come!

Soap on its way around the globe
In the mean time, when Julia announced her idea of Soap Travel, I knew instantly that I want to take part in this unique soap Odissey that will make this world cleaner and friendlier bar by bar (of soap, of course!). With the greatest joy and pride I can inform you that SenMi was chosen to take part in the Soap Travel and that we are in the most fantastic company of soaping ladies! Please read here Cocobong's announcment about all the participants (so far, cause it's getting bigger). Also, please check out Julia's soap work. I highly respect all the soapesrs out there who have their own vision about soap art & craftmanship which they transfer to all the steps of this beautiful trade. From recipe design, mold selection, custom stamps, photos and wrapings. These unique artists are inspiration for anyone regardless if he or she is into soapmaking or some different kind of craft and/or business. Julia is one one of them who stands high on my personal scale of inovative, imaginative, indipendant and unique individuals in creative world.

All the posts on SenMi blog regarding to the Soap Travel will be in English, but all of my other soapy adventures continue in Serbian. Till later, greetings to everybody!
a photo glympse at my latest work
P.S. I have included a translator for SenMi blog. The reason I finally did this is my desire to reach out everyone who is interested into my blah-blah and especially to the people who are taking participation in the Soap Travel. I hesitated quite a while, cause due to the nature of Serbian language, it is not really possible to get precise translation with any web translator and I always find it extremely funny when I myself try to translate something Serbian into any other western European language that I use. So please, if you are an international reader, bare this in mind and feel free to contact me (you'll find the email address on the right side bar) if you find something confusing or not understandable.

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  1. Kudos for drawing attention to our SoapTravel project and fanfares for putting all the effort into writing it in english! Google translator works for those with imagination, but it is better than nothing and all we have for now. Blessings to you!

  2. Thanks Julia! It was my pleasure! I feel very excited, God aren't I a complete soap nerd? Welcome to SenMi blog!